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hey, baby’s gotta eat

black mommy excellence

I don’t support breast feeding in public places. Sorry not sorry. I just think there is a time and place for everything.

the time is when the baby is hungry

and the place is where the mother is able to feed the baby

everyone is always critiquing black motherhood and here we have a black woman not only graduating but giving her baby the nourishment it needs 

i think there’s a time and place for your negativity

and it’s not now and it’s not on this picture


people don’t realize that when they say parents shouldn’t breast feed in public they’re really saying “my discomfort and objectification of breasts is more important than your child’s health and survival.” all you fuckers who say this shit should be charged with neglect. you can’t forbid people from feeding their children just cause boobs give weak dudes boners.

I get it, I do, but I personally do not think feeding her child at a graduation, where there could be thousands of people, is the right time to feed her child, much less when sitting in the MIDDLE of the whole thing. I’m happy for her graduating, I’m happy she has a healthy child, I do not wish for the child to go hungry, but there is a time and place for certain things, and breast feeding in the middle of the public eye without any cower while seated in the middle of the whole crowd, is definitely not the time.

It’s astonishing to me that you literally see nothing wrong with saying “I do not wish for the child to go hungry, but there is a time and place for certain things.”

It’s like you have no concept that when a child is hungry, it’s hungry. It doesn’t just stop crying or stop needing because the place/time is appropriate. It might make you feel uncomfortable that she’s doing it in such a public setting where there is obviously a crowd, but she is being a great mother by putting her child’s needs first and taking care of her child.

And you also shouldn’t forbid people from feeding their children because their nudity (exposing a breast) makes you so fucking uncomfortable that you basically demand, darktwilly, that they make their child go hungry just so you’re more comfortable. Gross.

if you don’t prefer to breastfeed your baby in public and instead want to go someplace more private, that’s totally fine, dealer’s choice and all. but don’t try and shame or dictate how other people choose to feed their babies just because seeing part of a woman’s breast with a baby attached to it makes you uncomfortable for some weird reason. it’s her baby and her body so she can damn well whip out her boob and feed her baby whenever she pleases and anyone who has a problem with it or thinks it’s not “appropriate” can just turn their head and look away. I mean, how hard is that?

I need time travel to become a reality ASAP

While seeing my ex for the first time since I broke up with him via text 5 months ago (mostly because he was too chicken shit to come talk things out face to face but I digress) was pretty awkward and weird, especially the long, full hug he half forced on me before he left, that was nothing compared to the heartbreak, fear, and despair I felt while sitting with my friend and her husband in the hospital while she railed and freaked out because her baby died two days ago. This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through and my pain for her and her family is not even a drop in the ocean compared to what she’s going through. I’m so thankful, though, for all of her family and friends who have come together to try and help them in any way possible, even if it’s just to be present and let her yell at us because she’s so, so angry. And I’m thankful that she’s open to getting all the help she needs and that she has an amazing doctor who is able to talk her down when she’s freaking out. Hopefully with the right care and necessary time, she’ll learn to cope with this horrible thing that happened and know that she can survive this.

To anyone else who’s ever experienced this kind of loss and pain, my heart goes out to you and pulls you in close for a cyberhug.

And to my friend (even though she doesn’t have a tumblr and won’t see this): I love you to pieces and will always be here for, even when you get angry with me, I will always be here with a ready hug and a bottle of moscato when you need it. You are stronger than you know, and, for right now, me and a ton of other people are prepared to be strong for you and let you lean on us while you rebuild your shattered heart. You are so, so loved, lady friend.

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